We offer open enrollment and semi-flexible scheduling.
Course Information:

Cosmetology - 1,500 clock hours of training

Covers hair, nails, skincare, and makeup

$11,300 Tuition, PLUS

 - $950 non-refundable State of MI/Cosmetology University Registration Fee

 - Tuition

 - Complete Kit

 - Textbook

Manicuring - 400 clock hours of training

Covers natural and artificial nails

$5,980 total cost PLUS

 - $950 non-refundable State of MI/Cosmetology University Registration Fee

 - Tuition

 - Complete Kit

 - Textbook

Esthetician - 400  clock hours of training

Covers skincare, Makeup and Hair Removal

$6,730 tuition cost PLUS

 - $950 non-refundable State of MI/Cosmetology University Registration Fee

 - Tuition

 - Complete Kit

 - Textbook

Instructor - 500  clock hours of training

Please call for more information.

Candidate pays these fees below via Credit Card or Debit Card upon course completion, sent in when applying to take test:

Written & Practical Exam Fee:  $167

First Year Application and License Fee:  $63


We offer interest free, monthly payment plans.  Tuition MUST be paid in full to graduate and take state board exam.  We accept Cash, Checks, Money Orders, and Michigan Rehabilitation Services.  Please call to set up a registration appointment, 989-662-4116. If there is no answer, please leave a message.  We look forward to meeting you!


Any student who registers before September 30th will receive current pricing for tuition!

Contact us to schedule  your registration. $950 due at signing.

The State of Michigan-Cosmetology established the following requirements for admission to a school of cosmetology:

          - Be 15 years of age or older. (Bring in birth certificate or drivers license                     and social security card)

          - You must be 17 or older to graduate and take State Boards.

          - Be of good moral character.

          - Be free of contagious disease.

          - Completion of 9th grade high school or the equivalent. (Bring in diploma,

             GED form, or grade transcripts)

NON-DISCRIMINATION:  Cosmetology University in its admission, instruction, and graduation policies, does not discriminate because of race, sex, creed, religion, age, origin or residence.

ENROLLMENT:  Cosmetology University has open enrollment. Students may enroll at any time, however, it is advised that you enroll at least 2 weeks before your class starting date; a non-refundable fee of $950 is required at time of enrollment.  Upon enrollment, students will be oriented to school rules (policies), rules and regulations needed to comply with the State Board of Cosmetology; and be informed of all established tuition, fees, and charges.

TRANSFER POLICY:  A student having an Official Withdraw from the school transferring from, will be granted hours on the document, providing you have passed all written and practical entrance tests (with at least 70%) that we administer to all transfer students.  An out of state transfer must have evaluation from the Michigan State Board of Cosmetology granting the student Michigan hours.  Cosmetology University reserves the right to deny or accept all, part, or non of the hours credited from another institution based upon personal interviews, practical, and written evaluations.  An instructor will evaluate the prospective transfer student.  The evaluation will include the applicants attitude, comprehension, ability, and speed.  If accepted, the transfer student will be placed into the level of learning deemed necessary to maintain satisfactory progress.

We have a 100% pass rate for first time Practical Examinees and
a 98% pass rate for first time Written Examinees at state boards.