Hi, my name is W. Renee Goss; I am the owner and senior cosmetology instructor at Cosmetology University in Auburn Michigan.

My story begins at age four and a half when my love of teaching ignited with my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Cox. I knew I wanted to be a teacher from that day on.  As a I grew older, my dad built me a classroom in our basement, complete with desks for “Teacher” and “Students”, giant chalk board, red pencils, books, papers etc….you get the idea. I taught my brother, sister, all the neighbor kids and all our friends (whenever they would let me).  My love for cutting hair began at about the same time.  When my mom gave my little brother his first hair cut with the ‘buzzers”…. I watched her and saw where she put them away; well we had a cat with long hair, and I’m sure you can guess the rest, LOL.  After school I would spend my days at my aunties salon and watch her cut, perm, roller set, and color hair….My poor Barbie’s, Baby First Step, Thumbelina, brother, cats, dogs…and later on my little sister with curly hair…..they were all my “models”.  As time went on…. my friends, kids I babysat, my friends little brothers and sisters, and EVEN my MOM let me cut, curl, braid, and style their hair. I even groomed our horse’s manes and tails!  I had long hair and just left it straight or braided or my mom would roll it in rags, or those brush or foam rollers-but my curls never lasted long.  My cousin and I would roll our hair in orange juice cans, and I would iron my cousin’s hair on the ironing board...I hardly ever used a blow dryer or curling iron – not until I started beauty school that is.

By age fourteen I was in high demand as a babysitter, I was working with my mom in the bank after school, and on weekends I was doing dishes at a local restaurant.  I was not cutting hair any more, just styling hair when I had the opportunity.  During later years in high school I was too busy with my social life and working to do any hair.  After high school I was working full time in the bank when I met my first husband.  We moved to Michigan where I continued with banking until 1984.  I knew something was missing and when I found out you had to have a license to do hair, makeup and nails on others I immediatly applied to MJ Murphy Beauty School in Midland MI and began classes in November.  I was in absolute heaven and at times very confused- I was a “self-taught” hairdresser and I had to retrain myself on somethings.  I loved every aspect of Cosmetology; color was one of my favorites as I've always loved art, however, I am more of a Picasso artist, or as I like to call myself “Messy Marvin"!!   Knowing that I've always wanted to teach, my light bulb came on, I had found my passion in life’s career path-Cosmetology Instructor!  I knew I had to finish cosmetology school, pass state board testing, get my license, go back to school for Instructor training, pass state boards again and get another license and work in a salon for three years or more, so that is just what I did!!!!!  I got my Cosmetology license, competed in state and national hair shows, began working in the salon and took instructor training.


 I got my Instructor license and worked in the salon and taught at the school, I later became the salon’s corporate manager for the State of Michigan, and only taught at the school two days per week, time went on and my children grew and so did my goals and plans.  By 1990, I was remarried, with another daughter, and my dream was to open my own beauty school someday.  By 1996 the school had closed due to owners passing, the salon was selling some of its locations, and I thought it was time for me to go to college.  Here I was a grandma, just starting college for an Associate in Business, and working part-time.  While I was in college I named and designed my ideal school, discovered my product lines, composed my mission statement, figured out my price list, school rules, record keeping cards for students and my staff, enrollment policies, and my contract; by 1999 I achieved my goal and then some!  I graduated with an Associates in Business, Associates in Entrepreneurship, and Associates in Human Resource Management, along with Business law and accounting credits-I knew what I wanted to achieve and I went for it.  I worked for two other schools during this time and I quit both of them as they did not fit my needs or the
ethical standards I was looking for.  


In June of 2002 I left my job and drove thru Auburn, looking for a vacancy, a small place to start my school... I found my first location at 211 E Midland Rd, Auburn MI and I called the landlord right away, he came over, let me in and I KNEW this was the place I wanted to start my school, I had a vision!  I came back later that night with my husband and signed the contract, I was ready!!!  My vision was coming to life and by August 2002 I had five students signed up, I had been to Lansing to make my Beauty School name a reality, talked to state board personnel to have my dress code approved, along with my contracts, MPA/Thoery records, and my ODO-Ban approved.  State Inspectors came in for Inspections on October 1, 2002 and we were open for business, license in hand!  By 2004 I was running three shifts beginning at 7:30 am to 11:00 pm and looking for a larger “SCHOOL”- I found my current location at 887 W Midland Rd, Suite 1, Auburn, MI and have been here for 14 years.

If you are looking for a traditional school, structured and stiff….
Cosmetology University is NOT the place for you!

We offer flexibility: So those that need to continue to work while attending school- can.  So you can be with your children as they grow, attend their plays, concerts, special programs, sporting events, be with them if they are injured or ill, be with them on their first day of school and their last day of classes.

Full time here is Monday thru Thursday for 28 hours/wk.
We take, sick days, holidays, vacations, and inclement weather days OFF!
We always ask if you are allergic to cats or dogs, because at times we do have “resident” cats or dogs here.
We are family oriented, and yes your children ARE welcome here, even when they are home from school, as long as they are not contagious.

I am living my passion and my dream, and I am willing to share it with you, all I ask is that you be willing to learn,
explore, share, have patience and be honest.  YOUR dream can become YOUR reality!

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